Saturday, July 7, 2012

BAC Safety Committee: Traffic Safety Benchmarks and Building Relationships with District Traffic Captains

This post serves as notes from the June meeting of the BAC SEE Comittee. I apologize for not recording attendees.

Over the last month, the BAC Safety, Education and Enforcment Committee has been extremely busy. On May 30, the DC Council Committee on the Judiciary had a hearing on pedestrian and bicycle safety. [link here:] One of the big outcomes of that meeting was that CM Phil Mendelson (now council chair) asked MPD, BAC, PAC, and WABA to work together to put together proposals for traffic safety benchmarks. Since then, there has been a flurry of work on this issue by BAC and PAC. Second, we’ve been building relationships with the MPD District Captains responsible for coordinating traffic enforcement in their districts - please help build up these relationships. Third, we discussed the current state of bicycle theft data and some of the work being done to combat bike theft.

Action needed:

  • Please provide your ideas for traffic safety benchmarks - these ideas will be compiled into a proposal sent to MPD and the DC Council Committee on the Judiciary
  • Are you willing to meet with the MPD District Traffic Captain from your area? These meetings will take place during the work day, on schedules TBA, and require knowledge of local traffic enforcement priorities.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bi-Monthly DCBAC meeting

Wednesday, July 11 starting at 6pm, the D.C. Bicycle Advisory Council hold its regularly scheduled bimonthly meeting. The meeting will take place at 441 4th Street, NW at One Judiciary Square, in Room 1114, which is on the 11th floor. As always, we want to hear from public thinks about bicycling in the District so we encourage you to attend.

Below is a draft agenda.

  1. Welcome and Introductions – 5 Minutes
  2. Questions & Comments from members of the public – 20 Minutes
  3. Approval of the Minutes – 5 Minutes
  4. Bicycle Element of the DC Multi-Modal Transportation Planning Project – 30 minutes
  5. Committee Reports – 30 Minutes
  6. New Business – 30 Minutes
    1. Proposed parking zoning regulation changes impact on bicycle parking
    2. Other
When entering the building, please turn right after passing the security checkpoint and use the south set of elevators. Please bring government-issued identification.

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Legislative Committee Meeting notes

Below are meeting notes from the bi-monthly Legislative Committee meeting held at Busboys and Poets @ 5th and K streets NW June 20, 2012. 
 Second-hand bike sale:
We discussed current regulations relating to 2nd hand bike sales. Currently 2nd-hand bike sales occur online at sites like Craigslist. It's agreed that this is a deterrent to people buying bikes - since many people don't feel they have the knowledge to buy in a "buyer beware" situation like that; while not serving to deter bike theft. (In addition the second-hand market is not taxed). 

Shane Farthing of WABA had a specific purpose in seeking to change the regulations, because doing so might help certain non-profits that would like to buy and sell bikes as part of their model.
It was also agreed that the lack of a legitimate 2nd-hand market, as exists in other cities, might be indicative of onerous regulations. Erik Kugler of Bicycle Space was in attendence, and while he said that his store would be unlikely to sell used bikes, he would welcome a change making it easier for a legitimate business to do so openly.

Action: Shane Farthing agreed to draft a proposal for discussion at a later time.

Compliance with the bicycle safety act:
We discussed the response from DPW saying that parts of the law had been complied with, others were underway and part was not being complied with due to a lack of funding. It was decided that a Council Member needs to ask for an FIS for the side-underrun guards so that we can know how much money needs to be budget. We also agreed that we need to push DPW to speed up installation on blind spot mirrors and that perhaps the law should be amended. Currently it specifies that blind spot mirrors be installed, when what we really want is that the blind spot be cleared - regardless of technology. Changing the law to require a solution for the problem without specifing the solution will allow for new technologies like blind spot cameras, to be used. It was suggested that we could ask for, and likely get, support from the union that the drivers belong to. 

Action: Ask a CM to request an FIS for side-underrun guards (decide at July meeting which CM)
Action: Submit a request to amend the law with respect to blind spot mirrors (decide at July meeting which CM to approach)

Encouraging passage of the anti-harassment law:
Due to recent changes in the council it is unlikely that this law will move forward.