Monday, March 8, 2021

April 2021 Committee Meetings

Facilities Committee Meeting

Tues., April 13
6 p.m.


Come to the meeting ready to share: 1) intersections of key concern for biker safety and why, 2) observations/experiences from riding the intersections and what could be improved to a) make you feel safer, b) make it easier to ride. We'll definitely discuss the intersections of 11th & Vermont St and Rhode Island Ave/Q St/11th St, but please also explore other intersections proposed for improvement.

Because our meeting is virtual and not a group ride: One possible approach to independently exploring the intersections is to ride along one or a few of the bike corridors listed below (this is a huge study area, so feel free to observe a handful of areas, and bring that deeper experience to the meeting).
  • Corridor 1: 15th street from Massachusetts to Florida AveIntersections: N & 15th, O & 15th, Church & 15th, Swann & 15th, and Chapin & 15th
  • Corridor 2: Florida Ave from 15th to VermontIntersections: 13th & Florida, Belmont & Florida, 10th/Barry & Florida
  • Corridor 3: 11th street from Q to LamontIntersections: Q & 11th/Rhode Island, Vermont & 11th, Clifton & 11th, Lamont & 11th
  • Corridor 4: Georgia Ave from Girard to ColumbiaIntersections: Gresham Pl & Georgia, Girard & Georgia, Columbia & Georgia
  • Corridor 5: Sherman from Columbia Rd to New Hampshire Ave, then New Hampshire to Rock Creek Church RdIntersections: Morton & Sherman, Newton & New Hampshire, Princeton & New Hampshire, Rock Creek Church & New Hampshire
  • Corridor 6: 14th Street from Park Rd to Spring RdIntersections: Meridian & 14th, Otis & 14th, Parkwood Pl & 14th, Perry & 14th


  • Discuss the latest developments in the investigation of the tragic crash that claimed a life
  • Discuss sending a letter about allowing cyclists to use the sidewalk in the commercial district where crashes have occurred
  • Discuss introducing safety education in schools as well as adults are educated about safe driving in addition to testing for drivers' licenses

Please see individual listings for call-in numbers and other ways to join.


Meetings are open to the public. Meetings are governed by the Open Meetings Act. Please address any questions or complaints arising under these meetings to the Office of Open Government at