About BAC

The D.C. Bicycle Advisory Council represents the interests of bicyclists in Washington, D.C., local government. The BAC is an official public commission that advises elected and appointed officials on bicycle-related transportation matters.

As specified in D.C. Code § 50–1604, the purpose of the BAC is to “serve as the advisory body to the Mayor, Council of the District of Columbia, and District agencies on matters pertaining to bicycling in the District and to make recommendations to the bicycle coordinator on the budget and focus of the Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation and Safety Program.”

The BAC evaluates legislation and transportation infrastructure, providing analysis and technical expertise to the legislative and executive branches of D.C. government.

The BAC is comprised of 13 D.C. residents who are voting members. D.C. councilmembers each appoint one resident to the BAC.

BAC meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of odd-numbered months at 441 4th St NW, 11th floor. Meetings are open to the public. ID is required to enter the building.

The BAC has these standing committees:

  • Facilities
  • Legislative 
  • Safety, Education and Enforcement

Generally held in even-numbered months, committee meetings are open to the public. D.C. residents may serve on committees without holding a formal BAC appointment.


The BAC conducts fieldwork to assess roads, bike lanes, trails and other types of transportation infrastructure. It evaluates the traffic and conditions of routes bicyclists use and makes recommendations to improve bicycling infrastructure in the near, mid and long term. The BAC gives input to District Department of Transportation planners who are developing a comprehensive, interconnected network of bike lanes that crisscross D.C. and connect to bordering states. The Facilities Committee leads the BAC’s fieldwork.


The BAC communicates its positions in writing and in person. Members regularly testify before Council committees to advise lawmakers on transportation policy issues. The Legislative Committee leads the BAC’s work to analyze and take positions on policies.

Partnership with Police

The BAC’s Safety, Education and Enforcement Committee collaborates with the Metropolitan Police Department to address issues affecting law enforcement and bicycling. Together we work to educate bicyclists, other road users, the general public, and law enforcement officers about bicyclists’ legal rights and responsibilities.

In Our Neighborhoods

The BAC engages with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) about Districtwide and ANC-specific matters. Each ward is represented by a BAC member who is most familiar with the issues affecting individual ANCs. The BAC is available to speak to ANCs and community organizations upon request. Our monthly reports outline some of our neighborhood-level work.

Public Participation

The BAC welcomes public participation at full council meetings and committee meetings. In order to accomplish its mission and make informed recommendations, the BAC relies on the knowledge and experience of its members and the public, as well as published studies and expert analyses.

There are many ways to participate in the BAC:

  • Attend meetings and speak during the public comment period
  • Serve on a committee
  • Apply for appointment. Consult our council roster for vacancies, complete the application form and send it to the Councilmember whom you wish to represent.

BAC voting members

Meghan Faulkner
Ward 1

David Alexander
Ward 2

Warren Gorlick
BAC Co-Chair  (Interim)
Ward 3

Rachel Maisler
Ward 4

Ward 5

Katherine Solether White
Ward 6

Leron Douglas
Ward 7

Jay Stewart
Ward 8
At-Large, Councilmember Bonds

At-Large, Councilmember Henderson

Jeff Johnson
BAC Co-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer (Interim) 
At-Large, Councilmember McDuffie 

At-Large, Councilmember Robert White, Jr.

Anders Pedersen
At-Large, Council Chairman Mendelson

Contact the BAC

dcbicyclecouncil [at] gmail [dot] com