Wednesday, May 5, 2021

June 2021 DCBAC Committee Meetings

June 2021 Committee Meetings

Facilities Committee Meeting

Tues., June 8
6 p.m.


  1. the East Capitol Street Safety and Mobility Project (6-6:30p)
  2. the Protected Bike Lanes on 37th St, Tunlaw Rd, and New Mexico Ave NW, seen here in this map (6:30-7p).


The purpose of each of the two discussion items will be:

  • learn more about the projects (we will be joined by some DDOT staff that can explain the projects' goals a bit)
  • discuss concerns with the current conditions or proposed design
  • hatch a plan for addressing our concerns and/or support of the project (delegate a person to write a public comment, etc.)


Feel free to log in for some or all of the meeting. You may prepare for the meeting by safely​ riding/scoping some or all of the project areas & extents:

  1. East Capitol Street Safety and Mobility Project - East Capitol Street between ~B Street SE (near Benning Stoddert Rec Center) and Southern Ave SE (near East Capitol Urban Farm)
  2. Protected Bike Lanes
    1. 37th St NW (from Reservoir Rd NW to Tunlaw Rd NW
    2. Tunlaw Rd NW (from 37th St NW to 42nd St/New Mexico Ave NW)
    3. New Mexico Ave NW (from 42nd St/New Mexico Ave NW to Nebraska Ave NW)




Please see individual listings for call-in numbers and other ways to join.


Meetings are open to the public. Meetings are governed by the Open Meetings Act. Please address any questions or complaints arising under these meetings to the Office of Open Government at