Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NPS Proposes 5 Installation Locations for CaBi Stations

The National Park Service (NPS) requests public comment regarding the installation of Capital Bikeshare stations on the National Mall.

This represents a change from the previous NPS policy, which did not allow bike stations on NPS land.  In an article published September 22, 2010 by Lydia DePillis of the Washington City Paper, the reason for Capital Bikeshare restrictions was based of partly on concession contracts with companies that had the right of first refusal for services.  This appears to have changed as a result of demise of the Tourmobile operator.  In addition, Six members of Congress recently sent a letter to NPS urging them to follow through on its plans to allow Capital Bikeshare stations on the Mall.

In changing its position, the NPS Planning, Environment and Public Comment website further states that,
"Participating in this bikeshare system would fulfill the goal of enhancing bicycle use at the park, as envisioned in NAMA's 2008 National Mall Visitor Transportation Study and the 2010 National Mall Plan Increasing bicycle use reduces traffic congestion, fossil fuel use and air emissions, and provides an additional and affordable form of access to destinations throughout the park".
NPS is requesting input from the public regarding the 5 proposed Capital Bikeshare stations through the project's website. To help envision the proposed Capital Bikeshare stations in context with the current stations, below is a map showing the proposed stations (green bike icon) and currently active stations (CaBi icon) adjacent to the National Mall (within about 1500 feet).

BAC would appreciate your comments on the proposed stations. If you think there are better station locations, please enter them in the comments section and we will update the map (blue bike icon).  After an initial review or the locations, the NPS proposed locations appear to leave a service gap for most of the Mall museums and the U.S. Capitol. Currently, there are only two Bikeshare locations within 1500 feet of the Mall east of 12th Street and west of the Capitol.  This  may cause significant overcrowding at these stations or relatively long walks to areas of interest.

View Proposed NPS Bikeshare Locations in a larger map