Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Facilities Committee Meeting - Ward 4 (June 23)

Please join the Bicycle Advisory Council's Facilities Committee (BAC-FAC) on a ride or 'rolling meeting' on Saturday, June 23, 2012. The ride will beginning at 1:30 PM near the Capital BikeShare station at the corner of 9th Street and Upshur NW.

On this ride, the Committee will examine bike accessibility and connectivity to commercial  areas in Ward 4, particularly along Georgia Avenue NW and including the Walter Reed and Walmart development sites. BAC-FAC would like your thoughts on what bicycling facilities should be considered for this area and your concerns about road safety, signage or other issues.

Please contact Jameel Alsalam (ward4@dcbac.org) or Jeanie Osburn (ward5@dcbac.org) if you have questions about the ride. 

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you.