Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dupont-Logan Bicycle Safety Community Listening and Education Session

The Dupont Circle and Logan Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) jointly announce a public meeting for residents, business owners and organizations to discuss bicycle safety issues in the community Thursday, September 27, 7:00p to 9:00p. The meeting will be head at the Chastleton Ballroom, 1701 16th Street NW.

With biking for transit expanding rapidly in our community, many issues, concerns, and questions have arisen. Some topics for discussion are:

  • The District’s plans to make DC more bike/pedestrian-friendly; any plans or ideas for the Dupont-Logan area and its residents.
  • The laws/rules about street/sidewalk biking; consequences for those who break them. Whether any of these laws/rules should be revised or updated by the City Council.
  • New bike lanes: Where/when are they coming and where else are they needed. Tips for dealing with the new 2-way bike lanes for bikers, drivers, and pedestrians.
  • Lastly, a comprehensive discussion regarding the expansion of bike parking.
After hearing strong concerns about road safety at a public listening session on in June, the Dupont and Logan Circle communities are working together to discuss these and any other issues that residents wish to bring up. At this meeting, District transportation and police officials will be in attendance, in addition to community leaders and bicycling experts. The Dupont Circle Citizens Association, the Logan Circle Citizens Association, and the Urban Neighborhood Alliance are partnering with the ANC's on this important community listening and education session.

This is an opportunity to have your voices heard on bicycle safety concerns whether you're a daily or occasional biker, a pedestrian, or a driver. The meeting will be a guided discussion to help inform and guide the city’s public safety agenda so that your bicycle safety concerns can be addressed productively and collaboratively — if not at the meeting, at least in the near future.