Monday, October 1, 2012

BAC Legislative Meeting - Wednesday, October 3

The next Legislative Committee meeting will be Wednesday, October  3 at 6:00pm. The location will be Teaism at 400 8th Street NW.

On the agenda:
  1. Changing the definitions of various vehicles - BAC should define preferred rules with respect to who can use bike lanes, trails and parking for Council Member Mary Cheh's office.
  2. Funding for compliance with the Bicycle Safety Enhancement. An FIS was performed in 2008 that put the cost at $2.8 million (See below). A request was sent to CM Cheh's office as to whether another one is needed. Can the District pay for this with speed camera revenue? Should BAC request that happen?
  3. Any other issues.
The committee chair, David Cranor, may be unable to attend. If this occurs the meeting may be rescheduled or chaired by another BAC member. We look forward to seeing you there. A copy of the Bicycle Safety Enhancement Act of 2008 Fiscal Impact Statement appears below:
Bicycle Safety Enhancement FIS