Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DDOT-BAC-PAC FY 2013 Oversight Hearing

The Committee on Transportation and the Environment held its 2013 oversight hearing for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), the Bicycle Advisory Council and the Pedestrian Advisory Council. The hearing was held on March 21, rescheduled from the original March 3 and subsequent March 17 dates.

As stated in a prior post, the hearing allowed the public to voice its concerns about the state of the District's transportation infrastructure to include the allocation of Metrobus and Metrorail services, automobiles, the DC Circulator, Bike/Ped concerns, as well as other District transportation issues.

The hearing also allows DDOT to answer questions directly and provide information to the public regarding how it plans to maintain and expand transportation alternatives for District residents and visitors.

Below is a video of the hearing courtesy of the Office of Cable Television. The testimony of Ellen Jones, the BAC Chair, begins about an hour into the hearing. The video may require a QuickTime plugin or you could use this link.

A copy of her written testimony is available here.

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