Tuesday, February 21, 2023

March General Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions of current BAC members
  2. Approval of January 2023 Minutes (Kellie) - Link to minutes draft
  3. DDOT Report (Aaron Goldbeck) - Link to trail report card and DDOT BAC Report
  4. MPD Report
  5. DPW Report
  6. Committee Reports 
  7. Election of co-chairs (Jeff and Warren submitting Motion jointly for election to Co-Chair BAC)
  8. Discussion of current BAC vacancies (Rachel Maisler)
  9. Readout of Feb. 27 Oversight Hearing (Warren Gorlick) - Link to BAC Performance Oversight Pre-Hearing Questions and BAC Oversight Testimony
  10. Discussion of 2023 Priorities (Warren Gorlick and Jeff Johnson)
  11. BAC Contribution to other committees
  12. Good of the Order
  13. Adjourn