Saturday, May 14, 2011

BAC Seeks Comments about Bike Parking at Metro Stations in DC

(photo courtesy of thedceye)
This summer, the Washington Area Metropolitan Transportation Authority (WMATA) will begin assessing bicycle and pedestrian access at stations across the Metrorail system.  BAC would like to hear your thoughts on the problems with bike accessibility to Metro stations located in the District.  We hope to provide a list of stations that need improvement and suggestions on how to expand bike mode share to metro stations.

The WMATA Capital Improvement Program (CIP) will provide approximately $9 million over a six-year period to expand mode share at Metro stations and make reaching stations easier.  The WMATA Bicycle and  Pedestrian Facilities Capacity Improvements project hopes to increase bicycle parking capacity at Metrorail stations to meet current and future demands and improve connections to stations from local communities where existing pathways are poor.

According to the WMATA Access Planning and Policy Analysis program manager,  the CIP project will provide funding to conduct an inventory of each station in the system to identify bicycling and pedestrian needs, creating a master list of projects.  Once that list complete and reviewed, WMATA will prioritize those stations and fix accessibility problems in a way that balance agency goals, jurisdictional equity, project feasibility, project needs, and other factors.  Currently, WMATA is identifying individual station improvements; however, some facility improvements are underway.

BAC is interested in bicyclist observations of stations within the District.  BAC would like to hear about the availability of bike parking at stations, issues with bicycle security and ideas about possible improvements.  In addition, BAC would like to know what specific actions or improvements the District could make to help increase the number of bicyclist who ride and park at Metrorail stations.  We will consolidate your recommendations and submit them to WMATA.

Please used the comment link below and thank you for your thoughts.