Monday, May 9, 2011

BAC Seeks South Capitol Street EIS Comments

As reported in WashCycle and on the WABA website, the preferred alternative for the South Capitol Street Final Environmental Impact Study does not appear to contain certain bicycling and pedestrian improvements. Improvements excluded from the selected alternative could increase alternative transportation options, like walking and biking, for District residents and visitors who use the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge to access the current (and future) amenities in this area of the District.

According to the study site, the purpose of the project is determine the build alternative that best supports improving the safety, accessibility, multi-modal mobility and economic development opportunities associated with the reconstruction of South Capitol Street and Suitland Parkway and the replacement of the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge.  A comparison of the proposed alternatives can be found here.

BAC is seeking public comments regarding the findings of this study and its selection of the preferred alternative.  Given the current pedestrian and bicycle accessibility difficulties in this area, is the preferred alternative sufficient or should BAC advise the District Council and the District Department of Transportation to include pedestrian and bicycling amenities that were absent from the selected alternative (i.e. bike lanes, bike parking, cycle tracks, wider shared paths)?

Adding bike and pedestrian facilities could promote a safer transportation experience for pedestrians and bicyclists in this area at a relatively low additional costs (the total FY 2014 estimated proposed cost of the preferred alternative is $806 million).

Please used the comment link below and thank you for your thoughts.