Monday, July 18, 2011

Dr. Gridlock chat (7-18-11)

As a public service, below are bicycle-related comments/questions issued to Robert Thomson on his Monday midday Dr. Gridlock chat on the Washington Post website, unedited.

This week, two comments were posted on the discussion site regarding bicycling - comments about bike lanes and the improvements to Virginia trails.

Regarding these issues, the washcycle recent observations about the 15th street Cycletrack and the South Capital Street Trail.
Bike lanes
Q. How are the comments running about the bike lanes?

A. Robert Thomson - Not too much lately. Cyclists seem pretty happy with them, including the new lanes on 15th Street NW in DC. Drivers never like sharing the road with cyclists. They tend to object either to setting aside space for cyclists or to having the cyclists in the regular travel lanes.

Further Bike/Running Trail Evolution
Q. The recently completed links connecting Eisenhower valley through the Wilson Bridge are wonderful. There's now a "missing link", that if constructed, would be a boon to VA, PG County, DC, Nats Park, new Arena Stage, the rapidly rehabilitating Anacostia waterfront, etc . It would also facilitate a significant new non-car commuting capability to/from the military bases along 295, as well as the huge new DHS complex at St. Elizabeth's, and the Navy Yard area. That missing link is a bike/running trail between the Wilson Bridge and the South Capitol Street Bridge. Are there ANY plans for that, or even discussions about it.

A. Robert Thomson -
I did a Commuter page feature shortly after the Wilson Bridge trail opened. This one: . But I can't remember the prospects for connecting with a trail to the north. (Perhaps some cycling enthusiasts could help in this?)

I know that plans for the new 11th Street Bridge include a bike path but don't know how far south that might take you.