Friday, July 15, 2011

Public Scoping Meeting for Broad Branch Road

Project area courtesy
of Google Maps
The first public scoping meeting regarding the rehabilitation of Broad Branch Road NW was held at the Chevy Chase Community Center on Thursday, July 14, 2011. DCBAC representative Eric Rosenberg (At-Large) also attended the meeting, provided comments and spoke to the project team.

DCBAC would like to hear bicyclists and pedestrians comments on this road and what amenities should be added. 
Early suggestions included adding a cycletrak, bike lanes, or even reducing automotive travel to one direction to make room for bicyclists and pedestrians.  DCBAC will include your comments and transmit a document to the project administrators.  You may leave your comments below or email them to

A small section of this road has been recently discussed due to the collapse and construction of a temporary bridge over Soapstone Creek in April.  The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) posted a sign that restricts bicyclists and pedestrians from the use of the bridge.  As an important transportation corridor, bicyclist voiced their concerns that the restriction undermined the complete streets practices that DDOT appeared to be implementing on other projects.  Your comments on this issue will possibly help reduce the exclusion of pedestrians and bicyclists consideration on other projects.

According to the project website (still under construction), t
he purpose of this action is to rehabilitate Broad Branch Road NW to satisfy operational and safety needs and while maintaining the natural setting of the project area. This includes the improvement of the roadway structures, shoulders and stormwater management.  The public scoping meeting allows for early public input into the scope of the study, potential alternatives, and areas of concern regarding Broad Branch Road. 

Specifically, the project scope involves the rehabilitation of an approximately 1.5 mile section of Broad Branch Road
NW from Beach Drive NW to 32 Street NW in Ward 3.  Broad Branch Road NW is a two-lane rural-like road that runs within Rock Creek Park.  The road is narrow, winding and relatively steep in certain sections.  In certain locations, the road abuts rock outcroppings and is parallel to the Rock Creek tributary, Broad Branch, where erosion threatens the road. 

The current road conditions almost exclusively serve automotive purpose as it has no sidewalks trails or bike lanes. However, it is used by bicyclists and pedstrians as it connects to the Rock Creek and Soapstone Valley trails as well as other bike routes.  This road also serves as a westerly link to Rock Creek Park, allowing those who travel from the Forest Hills, Upper Chevy Chase, and Friendship Heights sections of the District direct access to Beach Drive and then downtown and or to the east side of the city via Blagden Avenue.

This is the second in a series of meetings to determine the how the road should be reconstructed.  The meeting schedule is as follows:

Agency Scoping Meeting

March 24, 2011

Agency Alternatives Meeting
Late Spring 2011

Public Scoping Meeting

July 13, 2011

Public Alternatives Meeting
Summer 2011

Environmental Assessment
Fall 2011

Public Hearing
Fall 2011

The project managers may be contacted directly at  Steve Walter of the Parsons Transportation Group and Design Contractor for this project, can be reached by mail at Parsons Transportation Group, 100 M Street, SE, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20003.  Again, if you have suggestions, please feel free to leave them below.