Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Which Way Do You Turn?

The Grist posted a nifty video (see below) that provides tips to new bicyclists on how to push that first pedal.

While the video is fun to watch, it also suggest two different left turning techniques that could appear on our streets -- the "Standard Left" and the "Copenhagen Left".

The standard left makes the turn just like a vehicle - the bicyclist signals, moves into the left lane, and then turns left.

The Copenhagen left is like how a pedestrian crosses a street - a bicyclist stays right and crosses the street that they would like to turn left on, turns their bike so that they are going the correct direction, then waits for the signal (Sounds complicated but it's not).

While the Copenhagen left seem to take longer than the standard left, many feel that it is generally a safer way to turn because it reduces the chance of an auto crash. While not popular in the US, it's gaining popularity as communities create bike-specific signalization and routes.

An example of the turn appears at about the two minute mark of the Grist video below.

BAC would like to get your thoughts on the standard or the Copenhagen left, which do you prefer?