Friday, January 15, 2016

DDOT Releases Report on High Crash Intersection Site Visits

In August of 2015, the District of Transportation (DDOT) in partnership with Council Member Mary Cheh, Chair of the Committee on Transportation and the Environment, initiated visits to 5 District intersections that have experienced high crash rates, injuries or fatalities.  That report, "High Crash Intersection Site Visits Summary and Next Steps" was recently released by DDOT.

BAC, along with the Pedestrian Advisory Council, local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, and other concerned groups met DDOT staff at these locations and discussed the potential reasons behind crashes and to help determine the best possible solutions for their elimination. Many sites listed in the report have been visited by the BAC Facilities Committee.

Below is a the list of intersections:
  • First Street and Massachusetts Avenue NE (Ward 6)

  • 14th Street and U Street NW (Ward 1, Ward 2)

  • Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road NE (Ward 7)

  • New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road NE (Ward 5)

  • Wisconsin Avenue and M Street NW (Ward 2)
According to the DDOT report, these five intersections were the locations of three fatalities and 12 disabling injuries in the last 3½ years. As a result of this report, DDOT hopes to use its site visit findings as a guide to prioritize improvements at these locations and help comply with provisions within the District's Vision Zero Initiative.

The report can be seen below: