Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gabe Klein - Still at work

The Former District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director, Gabe Klein, doesn't seem to know when to give up.  First, he contemplates running for the at-large bid in the DC Council and now he's working for the Department of Public Works (DPW) as a Parking Enforcement Officer - well not exactly.

VIOLATION - (Gabe Klein via TBD on Foot)
TBD writes how Klein learned via tweets last week that cars were parked illegally in the 15th Street NW cycletrack around L Street for most of the day.  He apparently biked over to the location, took pictures of the violators and tweeted them to DDOT and DPW.  Shortly there after, 15 tickets were issued to cars park on that strip.

Now that's what you call dedication.

According to TBD, Klein says he wants to get in touch with Terry Bellamy, DDOT interim Director, to discuss installing bollards at the beginnings and ends of certain blocks to discourage illegal parking.  That said,  I can sort of see how someone could possibly think that it was perfectly fine to park their car in a clearly marked cycletrak. If you look closely at Klein's tweet photo, you'll see that DDOT has not removed the parking meters.  For those who may not have notice the thousands of dollars in street alterations, they just thought it was protected parking.